Loan Guide

Think First!
Before you decided to take up any loan. Please considered carefully before you take up any loan. Make sure you have the means to meet your installments. Consider your other expenses carefully, such as house and car installments, food, clothings, children's education and others variable. Is easy to take up a loan but once you cannot repay promptly, you will be charge with late payment interest and administrative charges.

If you need to take up a loan
Approach the Legal Moneylender. Licensed Money lending is the practice of giving loans or that are repaid at a higher level of interest over a short period of time. Please read and understand all the terms & conditions on the Loan Application Form before you sign the documents. Confirm that the loan amount, effective interest rate and the installment amount are what you understand and it should be stated clearly, as this will confirm that you agree with all the terms that was included in the document.

Who are the Licensed moneylenders in Singapore? Click Here.

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